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With so many experienced teachers around we can easily prototype and test new features. We deploy often and fast, so that helps too. Not on Friday though ;)

Anas Front-end Engineer

Nice to meet you!

Hi! We’re Pobble. We make writing ridiculously exciting. What do you do? We are always on the lookout for the best engineers, teachers and operations managers to join us.

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What is Pobble?

Teachers use our platform to prepare the most inspiring lessons, and -importantly- give young writers a global audience for their work. We work with hundreds of schools and reach tens of thousands of pupils every week. And we’re just getting started…

More about Pobble
  • Thousands of teachers use Pobble every day to find resources, and turn their pupils into published authors.
  • 100k pieces of writing by children of age 3 to 14 have been published on Pobble. Some have been read thousands of times.
  • 50% of all comments on Pobble are left by pupils. How exciting is it to receive encouragement from a child across the world!

Life at Pobble

It’s important to have fun whilst we change the world (just kidding!). Even though we are not in the same room every day, it’s great to feel the energy when we are. We share a love for food, drinks and banter.

Throw a frisbee at Primrose Hill park
The biggest Pobble Day ever!
Harveen’s first assembly
Playing Mario Kart
N64 all the way
Sunny Day
Spring team event
Smashing Conference Oxford
Simon and Matt
Making plans in the office
Working outside
Working outside
MSV Pitch
Jon’s pitch live streamed on TechCrunch
The team
The team
Pobble at Bett
The office
The office
Proud young writers
Pizza at the Lansdowne


We deeply care about technology. We focus on using the right tools for the job and have opinions on how things should be done. We are a small, experienced team with different backgrounds, skills and personalities. What could you add to the mix?

The way of the Pobble

Remote working

We make things happen. We work in the way that's best for each of us. For example, 75% of us work (partly) remote.

Open Source

We are proud of our work and care to share. We open-source some of our tools and create free teaching resources.

Equal mix

We're an equal mix of teachers, engineers and operations people. There's so much to learn from each other!


Diversity is a good thing. We were born in 8 different countries and we pride ourselves in a near 50/50 gender ratio.

Comfortable office

Our office is a comfortable place to work. We wouldn’t be a startup without gym balls, standing desks and a foosball table (bring it on!).


Camden market is 5 mins away, we must have eaten 550 korean burritos in the last 6 months, 92 of which were free.


Every Friday we grab a drink together and once every few weeks we go out as a team. There's much to celebrate :)


We see the impact of Pobble every day. Some of our teachers work with 1,000 children per term!


Pobble Education Ltd
Unit 15, Utopia Village
7 Chalcot Road
London NW1 8LH

+ 44 (0) 20 8629 1732