Note to recruiters

First off, we are not anti-recruiter. Far from it. We are, however, keen to avoid getting bombarded with unnecessary calls. If you are good at your job, we would like to work with you. To make your and our lives a lot easier please take note of the below - it's everything you need to know about working with us.

  1. Please don’t call us without prior arrangement.
  2. All positions are advertised on our Join us page.
  3. Only submit candidates via our Join us page *.
  4. Please provide all relevant information (incl. salary expectation).

Our promise to you:

  1. We will get in touch with you if we are interested in your candidate.
  2. We will decide if a candidate is in the price range.
  3. We don't prejudice a candidate on the basis that they have come via a recruiter.
  4. We don't work on an exclusive or a retained basis.


If we are interested in candidates that you submit, you will need to enter into Pobble’s recruiter terms. We will provide you with a copy of these terms when we start the conversation. If you are unable to work in this way then please don't submit candidates.

You might be thinking by now that we must be a pain to work with. It’s not that bad. After Shutl **, we’re probably going to be your easiest client: we make decisions quickly and pay on time. Life could be so easy.

* Just use your own email/phone instead of the candidate's. We need their name to determine if they have already applied for a role. If you are sending multiple candidates, you must do so one at a time.
** Based on brilliance by Shutl