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Pobble’s biggest
update yet!

Find out what gets teachers most excited.

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Pobble lesson planning

Build your writing lessons in minutes!

Find the best writing ideas and teaching resources, linked to hundreds of thousands of pieces of children’s writing. Easily create your presentations and add teaching notes.

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Build your lesson
Bookmark your favorites

Bookmark your favourites

Found a great resource whilst planning but don’t need it now? Bookmark it so you can easily find it when you need it.

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The building blocks to guide their learning journey

Use our teacher-friendly slides, such as learning objectives, success criteria and customisable exercises to support all your young writers.

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Structure your lesson
Share your lessons

Share your lessons with colleagues

You’ve built great lessons - now share them quickly and easily with colleagues in your school, your group or with the whole Pobble community.

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Make great use of 1-to-1 devices

Single Sign-On makes 1-to-1 devices practical. With special attention for our younger Pobblers: a wave of a lanyard and they’re all logged in.

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Sign in with Wonde

Image: sign in using a Wonde magic badge.

Pupil profile

Enhanced safety features

With extensive e-safety and privacy controls (including avatars and display names) you can be confident your pupils are safe. And, of course, comments on Pobble are still all moderated.

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Improve meta-cognition with peer commenting

Develop your pupils’ empathy and critical thinking through our improved peer commenting tools. Witness their excitement as they realise that children around the world have read, enjoyed and commented on their work.

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Peer commenting

Easily demonstrate pupil progress over time

Now you’ve built an evidence bank of your pupils’ writing over time, easily create assessment files to demonstrate and share their progress.

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Take moderation online: no need to leave your classroom!

Get support with your assessment by easily and safely sharing assessment files with colleagues or moderators. They can quickly leave you valuable feedback to support your end of term judgements.

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